CK-605 E1 Electrical Type Steamer

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  • Dumplings and Dim Sum: Steaming is commonly used in Asian cuisine to prepare dumplings dim sum and other stuffed or filled dishes. Dumplings filled with meat seafood vegetables or tofu are steamed until cooked through and served with dipping sauces.Breads and Buns: Steaming is used in baking to create soft and fluffy breads buns and cakes. Steamed buns also known as baozi or bao |are a popular staple in Asian cuisine and can be filled with sweet or savory fillings.
  • Seafood: Steaming is a popular method for cooking seafood like fish fillets| shrimp| and shellfish. It helps preserve the delicate texture and flavor of seafood while ensuring even cooking
  • STEAM :gas steam machine also known as a gas-fired steam boiler or steam generator is a type of industrial equipment used to produce steam through the combustion of natural gas or propane. These machines are commonly found in various industrial settings including manufacturing plants| food processing facilities| hospitals| and commercial laundries
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  • Product Name : Electrical Type
    Product Description

    Voltage of Electrical Stemaer: 220V/380V, 3-Phase, 12KW/18KW

    • Saves energy consumption compared to traditional steamers, the cooking time is greatly shortened, heat well-distributed and no dead angle at high temperature.
    • The body of machine is made of SUS304 in sheet thickness of 1.0mm~3.0mm, which has good thermal insulation effect, long service life and convenient cleaning and maintenance.
    • The main structure of the machine is welded, and no silicone is used, which makes the overall structure of the machine firm. Due to the structural characteristics of this machine, you can choose to instantly release the pressure when opening the door, which can make the skin of the steamed buns plump. (*Instantly steam pressure relief will make a loud noise, or you can choose not to release steam pressure instantly. You can open the door after a few seconds after the energy is turned off.)
    • The door is made of SUS304, the thickness of 3.0mm plate is fully welded, and the structure is firm. Great deluxe appearance.
    • The door panel is equipped with perspective strengthened glass, which can check the internal condition of the steamer.
    • Patented adjustable tight handle can quickly and easily open and close the steamer door, and you can also DIY adjust the tight handle to the best air tightness.
    • The patented adjustable tight handle can be effectively fixed to the groove of the fastening pad, and the handle will not be loosened due to the gas pressure inside the steamer. When the fastening pad is worn out and cannot be used, it can also DIY replace parts.
    • The base of the adjustable tight handle make a full row, which is more durable for many years of open door use.
    • The sword-shaped adjustable hinge on the side of the door can be DIY adjusted to the best air tightness.
    • The cooker inside the steamer has been designed by us to have good thermal conductivity. The hand can directly brush the scale along the steamer wall, which is easy to clean and can easily maintain a good hygienic environment.
    • Equipped with automatic water supply function, there is no need to worry about making up water and getting things done more efficiently.
    • Equipped with a safety device that will automatically cut off power when the water level is abnormal(means the water level is insufficient or too high), and the buzzer is going to intermittent beep warning at the same time.
    • Easy to operation the electric control panel which with temperature controller and timer. In terms of temperature, you can preset fixed temperature or keep heating up. Time can be preset also, and the buzzer is going to alarm when the set time is reached.
    • You can purchase the electronic parts which used in the electronic control panel(electronic control box) locally when you need to replace the parts. Once a part failure, it is only necessary to replace the part, and the entire panel doesn't need to be replaced at the same time, which can save unnecessary costs.
    • When steaming, the rack trolley which matched with this model of steamer just push the upper of the rack trolley into the steamer, which is very time-saving and efficient.




    Matched rack trolley
    Spacing/per layer

    Q'TY of
    steaming tray

    Size of
    steaming tray

    Q'TY of products/per tray
    (Take 110g bun for example)


    Match 12-layers rack trolley





    Flat cut : 30
    Knead round : 36

    220V,3 phase,18kW,50A
    380V,3 phase,18kW,30A
    415V,3 phase,18kW,28A


    Our steamers can replace all the traditional ones at better efficience and performance. 
    It is applied wildly for steaming snake food, vegetarian foods,plastic industry,cosmetic
    material, Chinese medicine , textile products..............etc.