Professional table top machine, conform to the European sanitary regulations.

Perfect for Laboratories, big butcheries, supermarkets or Hypermarkets, central kitchens, etc

  • Fully built in AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL
  • Solid and durable gear box made by ourselves
  • Easy cleaning and quick dismantling external head
  • Large tray easily removable.
  • Reliable for heavy duty
  • Powered with single phase 220V or 3-phase 400V / low-voltage relay inside waterproof box (easy access).
  • Equipped with Reverse run position
  • Available with UNGER 5 or 7 elements (Full UNGER)
Model Power Cutting system Cutting up Weight Dimensions Shipping size Standard equipments
DRC ST114 5,5cv/4,1kW 
Unger 114 900 kg/h 86 kg 846 x 605 x 554 mm 900 x 720 x 705 mm 1 plate knife
1 plate 5 mm
1 knife