Vibration Separator GY-800G

  • Compact, light weight, mobility and easy installation. Machine height can be adjusted quickly.
  • Precise and efficient sieving of any powders, particles or viscous fluid.
  • High frequency of vibration, 3000 cycles / minute, significant outcome in sieving fine powders or high viscous liquid.
  • Unique screen design, easy and quick for changing screens.
  • Stainless steel is used extensively throughout the machine except for the motor, yielding a very attractive appearance.
Pre Start up inspection
  • Ensure the machine is the model and type specified in your order.
  • Is there any damage during transportation ?
  • Is the power supply the same as shown on the machine plaque? (Tolerance for voltage is + / - 10 %)
  • Ensure all the components are fastened firmly, and earth cable is connected properly.


  • This machine is ideally for sieving and separating powder, particle and slurry in many industries, such as ceramics, food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, bio-chemicals, electronics, sintering, plastic, rubber, grinding, recycle and etc.

Motor (HP) Voltage (V Depend on request) Frequency (Hz) Speed (r / min) Effetive diameter of screen (mm) Capacity (kg / hr) Net wt. (kg)
3/4 380 / 415 50 / 60 2990 730 900 ~ 1200 80